How to operate an electric scooter?
In this section, we have tried to outline all
the subtleties of electric scooter control.
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Why is this important

* SIM — means of individual mobility; designed for use by one person, have a low-power motor with a speed limit of up to 25 km/h

We recommend to drivers:

2. Scooter device

3. Where you can and cannot drive

First of all, pay attention to the various Zones in the application

Within the Areas of use it is allowed to ride an electric scooter:

Riding an electric scooter is strictly prohibited:

4. Where and how to park

Within the Rental Completion Area parking is allowed:

5. What to do in case of an accident

6. Other nuances

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How to behave in front of curbs on an electric scooter?

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How to start on a scooter correctly?

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Where can I park electric scooters?

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How to drive in bad weather?

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How much alcohol is allowed to drink before driving an electric scooter?

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How to ride an electric scooter together?

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What roads can I ride on an electric scooter?

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How to cross a pedestrian crossing on a scooter correctly?

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What should I do if you are in an accident?What should I do if you are in an accident?

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Why does an electric scooter need a stand?