The service is intended for persons 18 years and older, weighing no more than 100 kg (including clothing and luggage)

It is recommended to use protection, for example, a helmet

The use of the Electric Scooter is allowed only in accordance with the Traffic Rules of the Russian Federation approved by the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation on October 23, 1993 with all amendments and additions in force on the date of the electric scooter Rental

It is not allowed to use an electric scooter in a faulty or discharged form

The electric scooter cannot be used for carrying out any business activity

It is not allowed to use the Electric scooter outside the asphalt pavement, as well as in any other way that may damage the Electric scooter

It is not allowed to use an electric Scooter in a way that is dangerous to the life and health of third parties, or in any other way, as a result of which damage may be caused to the electric scooter or the property of third parties

It is not allowed to dismantle, as well as attempts to dismantle any parts of the Electric scooter

It is not allowed to park an electric scooter, blocking the path / passage of people or any transport

It is not allowed to use an Electric Scooter in a way that is accompanied by an increased risk to the User or the Electric Scooter, including, but not limited to, performing acrobatic tricks, transporting or towing third parties.

It is forbidden to fold the Electric scooter

It is not allowed to transport an Electric Scooter, except in cases of loss of operability of the Electric Scooter and the inability to return it on its own with the consent of the owner of the Electric Scooter

It is not allowed, without leaving the Electric Scooter, to overcome obstacles, such as a curb, large or artificial irregularity, a strong height difference, slope, change in coating conditions, liquid surfaces, various objects, etc.

It is not recommended to use an electric scooter for people with cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, diseases of the vestibular apparatus, as well as pregnant women

You can get acquainted with all legal documents related to the operation of our service by following the link.


Install the app for iOS or Android

Register. To do this, you will need your phone number, email address and Name

Link a payment card

Scan the QR code of the Electric Scooter that is near you or enter its number, or find the nearest Electric Scooter on the map in the application

Make sure that the bell, brakes, brake light and reflectors are working properly, the frame, tires, wheels are not damaged, the electric scooter lock is in working condition. If the electric scooter contains damages or malfunctions, inform via the app or by calling the Customer support phone number

Choose a tariff – click "Let's go", then the lock will automatically open for 10 seconds or you will receive a message with a code if the electric scooter is equipped with a combination lock

If the lock jams, move the cable first in, then out

After the start of the rent, insert the cable back into the lock socket

To start moving, push off to gain speed, then press the key next to your right thumb to accelerate

To reduce the speed, press the brake next to the left thumb (for ES1 and ES2), or a mechanical brake similar to a bicycle brake (for MAX), or a conventional foot brake at the rear wheel

Для аренды нескольких самокатов с одного аккаунта нажмите кнопку «+ самокат» в окне карты и повторите действия, описанные выше

Do not press the throttle and brake levers at the same time

Do not keep the gas levers or brakes pressed before the start of the rental

Yes, this is possible, while the responsibility for all rented Electric Scooters is borne by the User to whose account they were rented, even if another person was riding on the scooter. All terms of use apply to each rented Electric Scooter

Завершить аренду можно в разрешенной зоне, на карте она обозначена зелёным цветом или оранжевой буквой «P»

After entering the zone, find a free space where the Electric scooter will not interfere with other road users

Click the "End the lease" button

If there is a lock: the lock will open automatically (if the electric scooter is equipped with an electronic lock) or after entering the code (if the electric scooter is equipped with a combination lock). Next, fix the lock cable in any stationary structure (for example, a bicycle parking lot or fence), it is forbidden to attach the electric scooter to road signs, lighting masts, drainpipes

Take the necessary photos

You can suspend the ride so that another person cannot use your scooter

Please note that you will be charged per minute according to your fare (not as for the trip itself) while your trip is suspended

To stop debiting money, you need to click "End trip". Keep in mind that this will make the scooter available for use by others

Please don't forget to click "End Trip" when you reach your destination! The money will be debited from the card until you complete the rent

Problems with the scooter

В случае мелких повреждений (царапина, загрязнения и прочее), которые не влияют на безопасность вождения – сфотографируйте их и отправьте фото в техническую поддержку, после чего можете начать аренду

В случае серьезных повреждений (деформация колес или рамы самоката, не работающая ручка газа или тормоза и прочее) также сфотографируйте их и отправьте фото в техническую поддержку, но не начинайте аренду. Используйте, пожалуйста, другой Электросамокат

Please inform the support service of the scooter's number — it is written on the steering wheel stand

Пожалуйста, проверьте, что самокат находится в разрешенной для завершения аренды зоне, в приложении она обозначена зелёным цветом или оранжевой буквой «P»

Please make sure that the electric scooter is in front of you, its number (indicated on the stand) matches the number in the application. If the electric scooter is equipped with a combination lock, check the correctness of the entered code

Please check that you have selected a tariff and the scooter has been transferred to rent

If none of the above suggestions helped solve the problem, report the problem to the support service, whose contacts are listed in the application

Tariffs and payment

Up-to-date information about the rates becomes available in the application before the start of the lease. Rates may vary in different regions. By clicking the "Start rental" button, the user agrees to the tariff

When you start using the Service, an amount equivalent to an hour of travel is reserved on the card at the minute Rate if the funds are on the User's card, then it is impossible to start the trip

Electric scooter rental is not completed. Complete the lease

Open the app, select the wallet icon in the lower menu.

Select the card and click "Delete card"

Not all bank cards can be used to make payments, which becomes known after an attempt to make a payment. The card must have 3ds authentication enabled

Also check the validity period of the card, it should not end in the current month

If nothing helped, please try another card

Other issues

Приложение и самокат начнут сигнализировать о пересечении разрешенной зоны катания (обозначена голубым цветом). Вернитесь обратно в зону разрещённого катания и продолжайте поездку, учитывая размеры и форму зоны

If you ignore these signals, it will be regarded as an attempt to steal an electric scooter, its engine will be blocked, in the case of Ninebot MAX, a wheel lock is possible. Employees of the security company or the police will be called. The question of a fine will be raised

The support service contacts are listed in the application, they are different for each region

Please log in to your profile in the app and choose a convenient way of communication in the "Support Service" section